Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 2. Form of Sentence

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46-18-201. Sentences that may be imposed.
46-18-202. Additional restrictions on sentence.
46-18-203. Revocation of suspended or deferred sentence.
46-18-204. Dismissal after deferred imposition.
46-18-205. Mandatory minimum sentences -- restrictions on deferral or suspension.
46-18-206. Sexual offenders -- electronic monitoring as additional condition of sentence.
46-18-207. Sexual offender treatment.
46-18-208. Termination of remaining portion of deferred or suspended sentence -- petition.
46-18-209. and reserved.
46-18-211. When no place of imprisonment is specified.
46-18-212. When no penalty is specified.
46-18-213. When no penalty is specified -- felony.
46-18-214. through reserved.
46-18-219. Life sentence without possibility of release.
46-18-220. Sentences for certain offenses committed in official detention -- death penalty.
46-18-221. Additional sentence for offenses committed with dangerous weapon.
46-18-222. Exceptions to mandatory minimum sentences, restrictions on deferred imposition and suspended execution of sentence, and restrictions on parole eligibility.
46-18-223. Hearing to determine application of exceptions.
46-18-224. Additional sentence for offense committed while carrying a handgun loaded with armor-piercing ammunition.
46-18-225. Sentencing of nonviolent felony offenders -- criteria -- alternatives to be considered -- court to state reasons for imprisonment.
46-18-226. Additional sentence for forcible felony against pregnant woman.
46-18-227. through reserved.
46-18-230. Legislative findings -- cost of criminal proceedings.
46-18-231. Fines in felony and misdemeanor cases.
46-18-232. Payment of costs by defendant.
46-18-233. Fine or costs as condition on suspended or deferred sentence.
46-18-234. When payment of fine or costs due.
46-18-235. Disposition of money collected as fines and costs.
46-18-236. Imposition of charge upon conviction or forfeiture -- administration.
46-18-237. Garnishment -- report by supervising authority.
46-18-238. through reserved.
46-18-241. Condition of restitution.
46-18-242. Investigation and report of victim's loss.
46-18-243. Definitions.
46-18-244. Type and time of payment -- defenses -- ensuring payment.
46-18-245. Supervision of payment.
46-18-246. Waiver or modification of payment.
46-18-247. Default.
46-18-248. Rights of state for crime victims compensation and assistance.
46-18-249. Civil actions by victim.
46-18-250. Victim's location unknown -- payments to restitution fund -- use of restitution fund.
46-18-251. Allocation of fines, costs, restitution, and other charges.
46-18-252. and reserved.
46-18-254. Repealed.
46-18-255. Sentence on conviction -- restriction on employment and residency.
46-18-256. Sexually transmitted disease testing -- test procedure.
46-18-257. through reserved.
46-18-261. Recovery of suppression and investigation expenses for fires caused by arson.