Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 5. Uniform Health Care Information

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50-16-501. Short title.
50-16-502. Legislative findings.
50-16-503. Uniformity of application and construction.
50-16-504. Definitions.
50-16-505. Limit on applicability.
50-16-506. through reserved.
50-16-511. Duty to adopt security safeguards.
50-16-512. Content and dissemination of notice.
50-16-513. Retention of record.
50-16-514. through reserved.
50-16-521. Health care representatives.
50-16-522. Representative of deceased patient.
50-16-523. and reserved.
50-16-525. Disclosure by health care provider.
50-16-526. Patient authorization to health care provider for disclosure.
50-16-527. Patient authorization -- retention -- effective period -- exception -- communication without prior notice for workers' compensation purposes.
50-16-528. Patient's revocation of authorization for disclosure.
50-16-529. Disclosure without patient's authorization based on need to know.
50-16-530. Disclosure without patient's authorization.
50-16-531. Immunity of health care providers pursuant to written authorization -- form required.
50-16-532. through reserved.
50-16-535. When health care information available by compulsory process.
50-16-536. Method of compulsory process.
50-16-537. through reserved.
50-16-540. Reasonable fees allowed.
50-16-541. Requirements and procedures for patient's examination and copying.
50-16-542. Denial of examination and copying.
50-16-543. Request for correction or amendment.
50-16-544. Procedure for adding correction, amendment, or statement of disagreement.
50-16-545. Dissemination of corrected or amended information or statement of disagreement.
50-16-546. through reserved.
50-16-551. Criminal penalty.
50-16-552. Civil enforcement.
50-16-553. Civil remedies.