Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 1. Medical Assistance -- Medicaid

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53-6-101. Montana medicaid program -- authorization of services.
53-6-102. Repealed.
53-6-103. Repealed.
53-6-104. Freedom of doctors to treat recipients of medical assistance -- freedom to select doctor.
53-6-105. Discrimination prohibited.
53-6-106. Health care facility standards -- definitions.
53-6-107. Sanctions -- penalties.
53-6-108. Rules governing sanctions or remedies.
53-6-109. Consistent regulation of long-term care facilities -- rulemaking authority -- timeframes.
53-6-110. Report and recommendations on medicaid funding.
53-6-111. Department charged with administration and supervision of medical assistance program -- overpayment recovery -- sanctions for fraudulent and abusive activities -- adoption of rules.
53-6-112. Department to print and distribute copies of part and certain forms.
53-6-113. Department to adopt rules.
53-6-114. Rules of department binding.
53-6-115. Contracts with other agencies.
53-6-116. Medicaid managed care -- capitated health care.
53-6-117. Participation requirements.
53-6-118. through reserved.
53-6-121. Local administration of medical assistance.
53-6-122. and reserved.
53-6-124. Definitions.
53-6-125. Physician services reimbursement.
53-6-126. Repealed.
53-6-127. Rulemaking -- policy adjusters.
53-6-128. through reserved.
53-6-131. Eligibility requirements.
53-6-132. Application for assistance -- exception.
53-6-133. Eligibility determination.
53-6-134. Extension of eligibility for medical assistance to persons terminated from section 1931 medicaid program.
53-6-135. through reserved.
53-6-139. Terminated.
53-6-140. Account not to be treated as asset for purposes of eligibility.
53-6-141. Repealed.
53-6-142. Periodic review of assistance.
53-6-143. Medical assistance liens and recoveries.
53-6-144. Relative's responsibility.
53-6-145. Agencies to adopt rules governing personal assistant services.
53-6-146. Protection of tribal and Indian health service facilities from cost-shifting -- seeking to leverage federal financial participation for state children's health insurance program and medicaid.
53-6-147. and reserved.
53-6-149. State special revenue fund account -- administration.
53-6-150. Donated funds.
53-6-151. Medicaid reserve account.
53-6-152. through reserved.
53-6-155. Definitions.
53-6-156. Medicaid fraud control unit.
53-6-157. Powers and duties of medicaid fraud control unit.
53-6-158. Cooperation of governmental agencies with medicaid fraud control unit.
53-6-159. Permitted disclosure of information obtained in medicaid fraud control unit investigations.
53-6-160. Truthfulness, completeness, and accuracy of submissions to medicaid agencies.
53-6-161. Terminated.
53-6-162. Terminated.
53-6-163. Terminated.
53-6-164. Terminated.
53-6-165. Definitions.
53-6-166. Period of ineligibility for medical assistance when assets disposed of for less than fair market value -- undue hardship exception -- department to adopt rules.
53-6-167. Recovery of medicaid benefits after recipient's death.
53-6-168. Payment of certain funds of deceased recipient to department.
53-6-169. Payment of excess burial funds or assets to department.
53-6-170. Terminated.
53-6-171. Department lien upon real property of certain medicaid recipients -- conditions.
53-6-172. Notice of intent to impose lien -- opportunity for hearing.
53-6-173. Contents of lien document -- scope of obligation secured.
53-6-174. Filing of lien -- effect of filing -- priority -- renewal -- dissolution of lien.
53-6-175. Recovery of medical assistance secured by lien -- application for issuance of writ of execution.
53-6-176. Notice of application -- proof of notice -- request for issuance of writ of execution.
53-6-177. Action to challenge issuance of writ of execution.
53-6-178. Department right of recovery -- limitations.
53-6-179. Payment of amount due -- periodic payments -- substitute security.
53-6-180. Waiver of recovery in cases of undue hardship -- rulemaking.
53-6-181. Delay in recovery -- sale subject to lien.
53-6-182. Spouse's limited exemption from lien.
53-6-183. Issuance of writ of execution by clerk of court.
53-6-184. Effect of sale -- title acquired.
53-6-185. Disposition of sale proceeds -- application of recovered medical assistance.
53-6-186. Action by department or other person to preserve property subject to lien -- recovery of costs.
53-6-187. Time for filing of application.
53-6-188. Coordination of lien with other medical assistance recoveries.
53-6-189. Rulemaking authority.
53-6-190. Receipt of transferred assets for less than fair market value -- fine.
53-6-191. through reserved.
53-6-195. Medicaid program for workers with disabilities -- purpose -- eligibility -- participant costs.
53-6-196. Performance-based rulemaking -- privacy exemption.