Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 7. Registration of Foreign Vehicles

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61-3-701. Out-of-state vehicles used in gainful occupation to be registered -- reciprocity.
61-3-702. Foreign vehicles to display license plates.
61-3-703. Purpose.
61-3-704. Penalty.
61-3-705. and reserved.
61-3-707. Health care professional exception.
61-3-708. Cooperative or reciprocal registration -- filing of insurance -- fee.
61-3-709. Identification of ownership of certain large motor vehicles.
61-3-710. Rulemaking authority.
61-3-711. Declaration of policy.
61-3-712. Definitions.
61-3-713. Authority of department of transportation.
61-3-714. Authority for reciprocity agreements, provisions, reciprocity standards.
61-3-715. Base state registration reciprocity.
61-3-716. Proportional registration of fleet motor vehicles.
61-3-717. Declarations of extent of reciprocity.
61-3-718. Extension of reciprocal privileges to lessees authorized.
61-3-719. Automatic reciprocity.
61-3-720. Proportional registration not exclusive.
61-3-721. Proportional registration of motor fleet vehicles, registration periods, application, fee formula, and payment -- permanent registration of trailer and semitrailer fleets -- transfer of ownership -- transfer of license plates.
61-3-722. Registration and identification of proportionally registered motor vehicles -- fees -- effect of registration.
61-3-723. Proportional registration not applicable in a single jurisdiction.
61-3-724. Registration of additional fleet motor vehicles.
61-3-725. Withdrawal of fleet motor vehicles -- procedure, credits, and accounting.
61-3-726. New fleet -- estimated mileage.
61-3-727. Fleet registration -- denial when no reciprocity.
61-3-728. Preservation of proportional registration records.
61-3-729. Relation to other state laws.
61-3-730. Suspension of reciprocity benefits.
61-3-731. Agreements to be written, filed, and available for distribution.
61-3-732. Continued validity of existing reciprocity agreements.
61-3-733. Laws supplemental to motor vehicle, trailer, semitrailer, or pole trailer registration laws.
61-3-734. and reserved.
61-3-736. Assessment of proportionally registered interstate motor vehicle fleets -- payment of fees required for registration.
61-3-737. Situs in state of proportionally registered fleets -- collection of fees.
61-3-738. Deposit and distribution of fees on proportionally registered fleets.