Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 1. Licensing Provisions

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61-5-101. Driver licensing responsibilities of department.
61-5-102. Drivers to be licensed -- penalties.
61-5-103. Residency requirement.
61-5-104. Exemptions.
61-5-105. Who may not be licensed.
61-5-106. Instruction permits -- traffic education learner licenses and permits -- temporary licenses.
61-5-107. Application for license, instruction permit, or motorcycle endorsement.
61-5-108. Application of minors -- imputed liability.
61-5-109. Release from liability.
61-5-110. Records check of applicants -- examination of applicants -- cooperative driver testing programs -- reciprocal agreement with foreign country.
61-5-111. Contents of driver's license, renewal, renewal by mail, license expirations, grace period, and fees for licenses, permits, and endorsements -- notice of expiration.
61-5-112. Types and classes of commercial driver's licenses -- classification -- rulemaking -- reciprocity agreements.
61-5-113. Restricted licenses.
61-5-114. Replacement license or permit -- veteran designation.
61-5-115. Notice of change of address.
61-5-116. License to be carried and exhibited on demand.
61-5-117. Repealed.
61-5-118. Third-party commercial driver testing program -- test waiver.
61-5-119. Definitions.
61-5-120. Medical assessment and rehabilitation driving permit.
61-5-121. Disposition of fees.
61-5-122. Low-speed restricted driver's license.
61-5-123. Waiver of skills test for veterans with military commercial motor vehicles experience -- rulemaking.
61-5-124. reserved.
61-5-125. Authority of department -- rulemaking authority.
61-5-126. Providing information to selective service system.
61-5-127. Providing lists of licensed drivers and holders of Montana identification cards to clerks of district court -- jury selection purposes.
61-5-128. Legislative finding and direction to state agency not to implement REAL ID Act.
61-5-129. and reserved.
61-5-131. Purpose.
61-5-132. Prerequisites for issuance of driver's license to minor.
61-5-133. First year restrictions on driver's license issued to minor.
61-5-134. Operation of motor vehicle by minor in violation of restricted first-year license -- penalty.
61-5-135. Education on distracted driving.
61-5-136. through reserved.
61-5-141. Self-certification of operation status -- medical certificate submission and tracking -- notice of expiration -- downgrade of license.
61-5-142. through reserved.
61-5-146. Limitations on issuance of hazardous materials endorsement to commercial driver's license -- security threat assessment.
61-5-147. Authority to revoke or remove hazardous materials endorsement.