Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 3. Vehicle Operating Requirements

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61-8-301. Reckless driving -- reckless endangerment of highway worker.
61-8-302. Careless driving.
61-8-303. Speed restrictions.
61-8-304. Repealed.
61-8-305. Repealed.
61-8-306. Repealed.
61-8-307. Repealed.
61-8-308. Permission of authorities to hold speed contest.
61-8-309. Establishment of special speed zones -- engineering and traffic investigation.
61-8-310. When local authorities may and shall alter limits or establish or alter area of school zone.
61-8-311. Minimum speed regulations.
61-8-312. Special speed limitations on trucks, truck tractors, and motor-driven cycles.
61-8-313. Special speed limitations.
61-8-314. Traffic violations in construction zone and work zone -- definitions.
61-8-315. Repealed.
61-8-316. Fleeing from or eluding peace officer.
61-8-317. Right-of-way for vehicles engaged in mobile highway maintenance.
61-8-318. and reserved.
61-8-320. Right-of-way for bicycles.
61-8-321. Drive on right side of roadway -- exceptions.
61-8-322. Passing vehicles proceeding in opposite directions.
61-8-323. Overtaking vehicle on left.
61-8-324. Overtaking vehicle on right.
61-8-325. Limitations on overtaking on the left.
61-8-326. No-passing zones.
61-8-327. One-way roadways, rotary traffic islands, and roundabouts.
61-8-328. Driving on roadways laned for traffic.
61-8-329. Following too closely.
61-8-330. Driving on divided highways.
61-8-331. Restricted and controlled access.
61-8-332. Restrictions on use of controlled-access roadway.
61-8-333. Required position and method of turning at intersections.
61-8-334. Limitation on U-turns -- turning on curve or crest of grade prohibited.
61-8-335. Starting parked vehicle.
61-8-336. Turning movements and required signals.
61-8-337. Signals by hand and arm or signal device.
61-8-338. Method of giving hand-and-arm signals.
61-8-339. Vehicle approaching or entering intersection.
61-8-340. Vehicle turning left at intersection.
61-8-341. Vehicle entering through highway -- definition.
61-8-342. Vehicles approaching "Yield" sign.
61-8-343. Vehicle entering roadway from private road, driveway, alley, or public approach ramp.
61-8-344. Vehicles to stop at stop signs.
61-8-345. Stop before emerging from alley, driveway, private road, or building.
61-8-346. Operation of vehicles on approach of authorized emergency vehicles or police vehicles -- approaching stationary emergency vehicles or police vehicles.
61-8-347. Obedience to signal indicating approach of train or other on-track equipment.
61-8-348. All vehicles to stop at certain railroad grade crossings.
61-8-349. Certain vehicles to stop at all railroad grade crossings.
61-8-350. Moving heavy equipment at railroad grade crossings.
61-8-351. Meeting or passing school bus -- vehicle operator liability for violation -- penalty.
61-8-352. Prohibited operation of special lighting equipment on school buses.
61-8-353. Stopping, standing, or parking outside of business or residence districts.
61-8-354. Stopping, standing, or parking prohibited in specified places -- exceptions -- definition.
61-8-355. Additional parking regulations.
61-8-356. Prohibition against parking or leaving vehicles on public property -- presumption of ownership.
61-8-357. Unattended motor vehicles.
61-8-358. Limitations on backing.
61-8-359. Riding on motorcycles or quadricycles.
61-8-360. Obstruction to driver's view or driving mechanism.
61-8-361. Driving on mountain highways.
61-8-362. Coasting prohibited.
61-8-363. Following fire apparatus prohibited.
61-8-364. Crossing firehose.
61-8-365. Putting refuse on highway prohibited.
61-8-366. Riding on fenders or running boards prohibited.
61-8-367. Riding in housetrailers.
61-8-368. Opening and closing vehicle doors.
61-8-369. Shooting from or across road or highway right-of-way.
61-8-370. Securing of load -- requirement -- exemptions.
61-8-371. Operation of motor vehicle or off-highway vehicle below high-water mark on certain state or federal lands prohibited -- exceptions.
61-8-372. Littering with lighted matches, cigarettes, and other burning material and dumping ashtray prohibited -- penalty -- posting.
61-8-373. and reserved.
61-8-375. Unlawful operation of motorized nonstandard vehicle -- exception.
61-8-376. Authorized operation of electric personal assistive mobility devices.
61-8-377. Medium-speed electric vehicle -- operating requirements.
61-8-378. Low-speed electric vehicle -- golf cart operated by person with low-speed restricted driver's license -- operating requirements.
61-8-379. Definitions.
61-8-380. Funeral procession right-of-way -- funeral lead vehicle and funeral escort vehicle in funeral procession.
61-8-381. Equipment required for funeral vehicle -- restricted light use.
61-8-382. Driving in funeral procession.
61-8-383. Vehicles not in funeral procession.
61-8-384. Liability.
61-8-385. through reserved.
61-8-391. Operation of golf carts -- unlawful operation -- exception -- required equipment.