Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 2. Lighting Equipment

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61-9-201. When lighted lamps are required.
61-9-202. Visibility distance and mounted height of lamps.
61-9-203. Headlamps on motor vehicles.
61-9-204. Taillamps.
61-9-205. New motor vehicles to be equipped with reflectors.
61-9-206. Stop lamps -- when required.
61-9-207. Application of succeeding sections.
61-9-208. Additional equipment required on certain vehicles.
61-9-209. Color of clearance lamps, side marker lamps, reflectors, and backup lamps.
61-9-210. Mounting of reflectors, clearance lamps, and side marker lamps.
61-9-211. Visibility of reflectors, clearance lamps, and marker lamps.
61-9-212. Obstructed lights not required.
61-9-213. Lamp or flag on projecting load.
61-9-214. Lamps on parked vehicles.
61-9-215. Lamps on farm tractors, farm equipment, and implements of husbandry.
61-9-216. Lamps on other vehicles and equipment.
61-9-217. Spot lamps, fog lamps, and auxiliary lamps.
61-9-218. Signal lamps and signal devices -- when required.
61-9-219. Additional lighting equipment.
61-9-220. Multiple-beam road-lighting equipment.
61-9-221. Use of multiple-beam road-lighting equipment.
61-9-222. Single-beam road-lighting equipment.
61-9-223. Lighting equipment on motor-driven cycles.
61-9-224. Repealed.
61-9-225. Number of driving lamps required or permitted.
61-9-226. Special restrictions on lamps -- definition.
61-9-227. Blinker-type or revolving red light on certain private vehicles -- use -- identification card.
61-9-228. Standards for lights on snow-removal equipment.
61-9-229. Flashing amber light on mail delivery vehicle.