Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 2. Mortgages of Real Property

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71-1-201. What real property may be mortgaged -- debts secured.
71-1-202. Mortgage not considered conveyance -- recovery of possession.
71-1-203. Writing required.
71-1-204. Form of mortgage.
71-1-205. Priorities.
71-1-206. Future advances.
71-1-207. Recording of mortgages and assignments.
71-1-208. Recording of subordination or waiver agreements.
71-1-209. Recording defeasance necessary to affect grant.
71-1-210. Period of mortgage -- renewal.
71-1-211. Satisfaction of mortgage -- record thereof.
71-1-212. Penalties for failure to give certificate of discharge or release after full performance.
71-1-213. Discharge or release by other than mortgagee.
71-1-214. through reserved.
71-1-221. Definition of foreclosure.
71-1-222. Proceedings in foreclosure suits.
71-1-223. Power of sale.
71-1-224. Sale -- notice.
71-1-225. Surplus money from sale.
71-1-226. Proceedings when debt secured falls due at different times.
71-1-227. Injunction to prevent injury to property.
71-1-228. Rights of redemption applicable.
71-1-229. Possession of land prior to foreclosure upon default and during period of redemption.
71-1-230. Action to redeem mortgage.
71-1-231. Redemption by multiple mortgagors.
71-1-232. Deficiency judgment not allowed on foreclosure of purchase price mortgage.
71-1-233. Attorney's fee on foreclosure.
71-1-234. Attorney fee -- petition and notice.
71-1-235. Instruments -- negotiability and remedies.