Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 4. Protection of Property of Minors and Persons Under Disability

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72-5-401. Original petition for appointment or protective order -- who may petition.
72-5-402. Contents of petition.
72-5-403. Notice -- waiver.
72-5-404. Request for notice -- interested person.
72-5-405. Exclusive and concurrent jurisdiction of particular court after petition and notice.
72-5-406. Consent to jurisdiction by acceptance of appointment as conservator.
72-5-407. Venue.
72-5-408. Procedure concerning hearing and order on original petition.
72-5-409. Cause for appointment of conservator or issuance of protective order.
72-5-410. Who may be appointed conservator -- priorities.
72-5-411. Bond -- court may require -- amount.
72-5-412. Terms and requirements of bond.
72-5-413. Petitions for orders subsequent to appointment -- interested persons.
72-5-414. Resignation or removal of conservator for cause -- successor conservator.
72-5-415. Public administrator as conservator when no other appropriate person.
72-5-416. through reserved.
72-5-421. Powers of court as to property and affairs of protected persons generally -- temporary conservatorship.
72-5-422. Power of court to authorize particular protective arrangements or transactions without appointing conservator.
72-5-423. Fiduciary duty of conservator.
72-5-424. Inventory and records.
72-5-425. Title by appointment as conservator -- appointment not transfer for certain purposes.
72-5-426. Letters as evidence of transfer of assets -- recording.
72-5-427. Powers of conservator in administration.
72-5-428. Distributive powers and duties of conservator generally.
72-5-429. Distribution upon attainment of majority, termination of disability, or death of protected person.
72-5-430. Enlargement or limitation of powers of conservator by court.
72-5-431. Preservation of estate plan -- right to inspect will.
72-5-432. Compensation and expenses.
72-5-433. Claims against protected person -- presentment, allowance, and payment -- priorities.
72-5-434. Transaction involving conflict of interest -- voidable -- exceptions.
72-5-435. Persons dealing with conservator -- protection.
72-5-436. Claims arising during conservatorship -- individual liability of conservator.
72-5-437. Termination of conservatorship.
72-5-438. Accounts -- final and intermediate.
72-5-439. Payment of debt and delivery of property to foreign conservator without local proceedings.
72-5-440. through reserved.
72-5-444. Petition to authorize proposed action -- substituted judgment.
72-5-445. Notice of hearing.
72-5-446. Consent or lack of capacity of protected person -- adequate provision for protected person and dependents.
72-5-447. Circumstances to be considered in determining whether to authorize or require proposed action.
72-5-448. Order.
72-5-449. No duty to propose action.
72-5-450. Production of protected person's other relevant estate plan documents.