Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 5. Financial Aspects of Conservation Districts Loan Program

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76-15-501. Financial management.
76-15-502. Allocation of state funds among districts.
76-15-503. Permissible uses of state money.
76-15-504. Repealed.
76-15-505. Authorization to borrow money -- limitations.
76-15-506. Bonds authorized -- election.
76-15-507. Investment of funds.
76-15-508. Management of surplus funds.
76-15-509. and reserved.
76-15-511. Estimate of money to be raised by assessment.
76-15-512. Expenses to be covered by estimate.
76-15-513. Division between counties of money to be raised by regular and special assessment.
76-15-514. Regular and special assessments.
76-15-515. Regular assessment.
76-15-516. Levy of regular and special assessments.
76-15-517. Computation of rate of assessment.
76-15-518. Certification of assessment to department of revenue -- entry on property tax record.
76-15-519. Application of general law on levy and collection.
76-15-520. Liability of county officers.
76-15-521. Principal county defined.
76-15-522. Settlements by county treasurers other than of principal county.
76-15-523. Depository of district funds.
76-15-524. Receipt and crediting of district funds -- responsibility on bond.
76-15-525. Payment of district money -- warrants.
76-15-526. Treasurer's reports.
76-15-527. Purpose of expenditures.
76-15-528. Lien for special assessments.
76-15-529. Assessments unaffected by misnomers and mistakes relating to ownership.
76-15-530. Conservation district appropriations -- administration.
76-15-531. Special administrative assessment permitted -- voter approval.
76-15-532. Limitations -- reduction or repeal of special administrative assessment.
76-15-533. through reserved.
76-15-541. Conservation practice loan program -- definition.
76-15-542. Conservation practice loan account.
76-15-543. Application for loan.
76-15-544. Eligibility for loan.
76-15-545. Criteria for evaluation of loan applicants -- preferences.
76-15-546. Terms and conditions of loan.
76-15-547. Rules for loan program.