Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 3. Sales

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77-2-301. Sales of state land under board control.
77-2-302. Disposition of former institutions and certain federal land grants.
77-2-303. Restrictions on land available for sale.
77-2-304. Mineral reservations in state land.
77-2-305. Lands within federal irrigation projects.
77-2-306. Who may purchase.
77-2-307. Repealed.
77-2-308. Approval or disapproval of sales.
77-2-309. Discretion of board with respect to surveying and platting.
77-2-310. Certain lands to be platted before sale.
77-2-311. Survey and plat of shore lands.
77-2-312. Repealed.
77-2-313. Land subject to taxation.
77-2-314. Reversion of lands to state.
77-2-315. Participation in irrigation districts -- lien status of land.
77-2-316. Repealed.
77-2-317. Valuation of cabin or home site and improvements -- rulemaking.
77-2-318. Sale of leased cabin or home sites.
77-2-319. Repealed.
77-2-320. Repealed.
77-2-321. Sales to be at public auction.
77-2-322. Notice of sale.
77-2-323. Sale procedure and limitation.
77-2-324. Preference to lessee of land.
77-2-325. Settlement for improvements.
77-2-326. Time of possession.
77-2-327. Certificate of purchase.
77-2-328. Additional rules -- deposit of fees.
77-2-329. Terms of payment.
77-2-330. Computation of interest and payment schedule.
77-2-331. Manner of making payments.
77-2-332. Procedure in case of default.
77-2-333. Reinstatement of canceled certificates of purchase.
77-2-334. Assignment of certificate.
77-2-335. Lost certificate.
77-2-336. Lien on improvements and crops for amount due state.
77-2-337. Disposition of sale proceeds.
77-2-338. through reserved.
77-2-341. Patents.
77-2-342. Execution of patents.
77-2-343. Patent provisions.
77-2-344. Copy of deed or patent as evidence.
77-2-345. Limitation for cancellation of patent.
77-2-346. through reserved.
77-2-351. Sale to or exchange of property with public entity.
77-2-352. through reserved.
77-2-361. Definitions.
77-2-362. State land bank fund -- statutory appropriation -- rules.
77-2-363. Land banking land sales and limitations -- sale preparation costs.
77-2-364. Land banking purchases.
77-2-365. Right of access not created.
77-2-366. Land banking and state land cabin and home sites -- reports to environmental quality council.
77-2-367. Road easements on state lands.