Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 23. County Water and/or Sewer Districts Continued

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7-13-2301. Establishment of charges for services -- payment of charges.
7-13-2302. Levy of taxes to meet bond obligations and other expenses.
7-13-2303. Methods of assessment.
7-13-2304. Notice of intention to levy tax.
7-13-2305. Legal sufficiency of notice.
7-13-2306. Contents of notice -- hearing and protest.
7-13-2307. Hearing on protest to levy of tax.
7-13-2308. Payment of tax under protest -- action to recover.
7-13-2309. Collection of taxes.
7-13-2310. Taxes to be lien.
7-13-2311. Designation of fund depositary.
7-13-2312. through reserved.
7-13-2321. Procedure to incur bonded indebtedness.
7-13-2322. Term of bonds.
7-13-2323. Election on question of incurring bonded indebtedness.
7-13-2324. Notice of election on incurring bonded indebtedness.
7-13-2325. Qualifications to vote on question of incurring bonded indebtedness.
7-13-2326. Repealed.
7-13-2327. Entry of bond election results.
7-13-2328. Sufficient vote required to issue bonds.
7-13-2329. Sale of bonds.
7-13-2330. Status of bonds -- tax exemption.
7-13-2331. Issuance of general obligation bonds.
7-13-2332. Issuance of refunding bonds without election.
7-13-2333. Issuance of revenue or special assessment bonds without election.
7-13-2334. through reserved.
7-13-2340. Correction of erroneous property description.
7-13-2341. Addition of land to district -- election required.
7-13-2342. Consolidation of county water and/or sewer districts -- election required.
7-13-2343. Exclusion of land from district -- initiated by petition.
7-13-2344. Details relating to petition to exclude land from district.
7-13-2345. Hearing and notice on petition to exclude land.
7-13-2346. Decision on petition to exclude land.
7-13-2347. Effect of order excluding land.
7-13-2348. Exclusion of land from district -- initiated by board of directors.
7-13-2349. Establishment of subdistricts.
7-13-2350. Minutes.
7-13-2351. Dissolution of district by petition.
7-13-2352. Dissolution of district by election.