Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 30. Consolidated Local Government Water Supply and Sewer Districts

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7-13-3001. Definitions.
7-13-3002. Authorization to create district.
7-13-3003. Resolution of intention to create district.
7-13-3004. Sufficiency of description in resolution of intention.
7-13-3005. Notice of resolution of intention upon concurrence -- hearing.
7-13-3006. Right to protest.
7-13-3007. Sufficient protest to bar proceedings.
7-13-3008. Hearing on protest.
7-13-3009. and reserved.
7-13-3011. Resolution creating district -- power to order improvements.
7-13-3012. Governing body to administer district.
7-13-3013. Change of boundaries -- limitations.
7-13-3014. and reserved.
7-13-3016. Adequate records to be maintained.
7-13-3017. Assessment of costs.
7-13-3018. Status of federal property within district.
7-13-3019. Restriction on assessments following change of boundaries.
7-13-3020. Resolution to assess and levy tax for making improvements.
7-13-3021. Notice of resolution to assess and levy tax for making improvements -- protest.
7-13-3022. Term of assessment for costs of construction.
7-13-3023. Hearing on protest.
7-13-3024. Assessments and other charges as lien.
7-13-3025. reserved.
7-13-3026. Charges for services.
7-13-3027. Resolution to establish service charges -- hearing -- limitations and tax levy.
7-13-3028. Hearing and notice on tax levy for operation and maintenance.
7-13-3029. Preparation and filing of district budget.
7-13-3030. reserved.
7-13-3031. Authorization to use federal funds.
7-13-3032. Charges for costs when federal funding is sought.
7-13-3033. reserved.
7-13-3034. Authorization for reserve fund.
7-13-3035. Sources of money for reserve fund.
7-13-3036. Transfers to reserve fund considered as loans.
7-13-3037. Loans from reserve fund to bond fund as lien.
7-13-3038. Limitation on repayment of loan to reserve fund.
7-13-3039. Covenants to use and maintain reserve fund.
7-13-3040. reserved.
7-13-3041. Acquisition of private water supply system.
7-13-3042. reserved.
7-13-3043. Applicable provisions of laws relating to rural improvement districts.