Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 45. Local Water Quality Districts

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7-13-4501. Findings and purpose.
7-13-4502. Definitions.
7-13-4503. reserved.
7-13-4504. Authorization to initiate creation of a local water quality district.
7-13-4505. Public meeting -- resolution of intention to create local water quality district.
7-13-4506. Participation of cities and towns.
7-13-4507. Notice of resolutions of intention and concurrence.
7-13-4508. reserved.
7-13-4509. Right to protest -- procedure.
7-13-4510. Hearing on protest.
7-13-4511. Sufficient protest to require referendum.
7-13-4512. Referendum.
7-13-4513. Insufficient protest to bar proceedings -- resolution creating district -- power to implement local water quality program.
7-13-4514. and reserved.
7-13-4516. Board of directors.
7-13-4517. Powers and duties of board of directors.
7-13-4518. Powers and duties of commissioners.
7-13-4519. Role of county attorney -- contracts for legal services.
7-13-4520. reserved.
7-13-4521. Implementation of program.
7-13-4522. Changes in district boundaries.
7-13-4523. Fees -- determination of rates -- increases -- exemption for agricultural water use.
7-13-4524. Procedure to collect fees.
7-13-4525. Disposition and administration of proceeds.
7-13-4526. reserved.
7-13-4527. Creation of joint local water quality districts.
7-13-4528. Composition of board of directors of joint district -- terms.
7-13-4529. Administration of funds in joint districts.
7-13-4530. through reserved.
7-13-4535. Referendum to abolish local water quality district or joint local water quality district -- termination procedures.
7-13-4536. Allocation of funds upon termination of local water quality district or joint local water quality district.