Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 46. Parking Commissions

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7-14-4601. Findings and purpose.
7-14-4602. Definitions.
7-14-4603. Creation of parking commission authorized.
7-14-4604. Public nature of parking commission.
7-14-4605. Determination of need to create parking commission.
7-14-4606. Resolution of need required.
7-14-4607. Resolution for parking commission to function.
7-14-4608. Adoption of resolutions -- jurisdictional area.
7-14-4609. Appointment of commission.
7-14-4610. Term of office.
7-14-4611. Removal of parking commission member.
7-14-4612. Organization and operation of commission.
7-14-4613. Funds for administrative purposes of parking commission.
7-14-4614. Annual audit of financial affairs of parking commission.
7-14-4615. Reports on commission transactions.
7-14-4616. Termination of parking commission due to inaction -- windup of commission affairs.
7-14-4617. through reserved.
7-14-4621. General powers of parking commission.
7-14-4622. Powers of parking commission related to provision of parking services.
7-14-4623. Transfer of parking commission property to municipality.
7-14-4624. Powers of commission related to financial management.
7-14-4625. Limitation on employment powers.
7-14-4626. Limitation on power of eminent domain.
7-14-4627. Leasing of surplus or uneconomical space for incidental purposes.
7-14-4628. Nature of onstreet parking regulations.
7-14-4629. Manner of operating parking facility.
7-14-4630. Notice for bids to lease parking facility.
7-14-4631. Compliance with land use laws required.
7-14-4632. Cooperation with other municipal offices.
7-14-4633. Municipality authorized to collect in-lieu payments from parking commission -- limitations.
7-14-4634. Charges for use of parking facilities.
7-14-4635. Authority to establish lien on charges for payment of bonds.
7-14-4636. through reserved.
7-14-4641. Authority to issue revenue bonds.
7-14-4642. Election required to issue revenue bonds.
7-14-4643. Sources of revenue for payment of revenue bonds.
7-14-4644. Restrictions on use of reserve to make payments on revenue bonds.
7-14-4645. Power to determine terms and conditions of revenue bonds.
7-14-4646. Series or divisions of bonds permitted.
7-14-4647. Interest on revenue bonds.
7-14-4648. Payment of principal and interest.
7-14-4649. Maturity dates of revenue bonds.
7-14-4650. Signatures on bonds.
7-14-4651. Redemption of revenue bonds.
7-14-4652. Details relating to sale of revenue bonds.
7-14-4653. Temporary or interim bonds.
7-14-4654. Exemption from certain state taxes.
7-14-4655. Authorization to enter into indentures.
7-14-4656. Contents of indenture.
7-14-4657. Special provisions relating to indenture clause dealing with amendment and modification.
7-14-4658. Incorporation by reference of indenture in all contracts.
7-14-4659. Funding and refunding bonds authorized.
7-14-4660. Expenses which may be paid by means of funding or refunding bonds.
7-14-4661. Bonds to be negotiable.
7-14-4662. Bonds as legal investments.
7-14-4663. Authorization to designate trustee for bondholders.
7-14-4664. Rights of obligees.
7-14-4665. Role of appointed receiver.
7-14-4666. Exemption from execution for property of parking commission -- exception.