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Part 42. Urban Renewal

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7-15-4201. Short title.
7-15-4202. Existence of blighted areas and resulting problems -- statement of policy.
7-15-4203. Need for redevelopment and rehabilitation of blighted areas.
7-15-4204. Interpretation.
7-15-4205. Scope.
7-15-4206. Definitions.
7-15-4207. Prohibition against discrimination.
7-15-4208. Encouragement of private enterprise.
7-15-4209. Development of workable urban renewal program.
7-15-4210. Resolution of necessity required to utilize provisions of part.
7-15-4211. Preparation of comprehensive development plan for municipality.
7-15-4212. Preparation of urban renewal plan.
7-15-4213. Review of urban renewal plan by planning commission.
7-15-4214. Hearing on urban renewal plan required.
7-15-4215. Notice of hearing on urban renewal plan.
7-15-4216. Requirements for approval of urban renewal plans and projects.
7-15-4217. Criteria for approval of urban renewal project.
7-15-4218. Voter approval of urban renewal plan required when general obligation bonds to be used.
7-15-4219. Effect of approval of urban renewal project.
7-15-4220. Use of neighborhood development program to implement urban renewal activities.
7-15-4221. Modification of urban renewal project plan.
7-15-4222. through reserved.
7-15-4231. Exercise of powers related to urban renewal.
7-15-4232. Authorization to assign urban renewal powers to municipal departments or to create urban renewal agency.
7-15-4233. Powers which may be exercised by urban renewal agency or authorized department.
7-15-4234. Urban renewal agency to be administered by appointed board of commissioners.
7-15-4235. Restrictions on agency commissioners holding other public office.
7-15-4236. Conduct of business.
7-15-4237. Annual report.
7-15-4238. Employment of necessary staff.
7-15-4239. Control of conflict of interest.
7-15-4240. Misconduct in office.
7-15-4241. through reserved.
7-15-4251. General powers of municipalities in connection with urban renewal.
7-15-4252. Prevention and elimination of urban blight.
7-15-4253. Relocation of displaced families.
7-15-4254. Municipal power in the preparation of various plans.
7-15-4255. Authority to provide or contract for services related to urban renewal.
7-15-4256. Restriction on operation of certain utility services by municipality.
7-15-4257. Authority to enter private property.
7-15-4258. Acquisition and administration of real and personal property.
7-15-4259. Exercise of power of eminent domain.
7-15-4260. Exemption from levy and sale for certain property.
7-15-4261. Exemption from taxation for certain property.
7-15-4262. Disposal of municipal property in urban renewal areas.
7-15-4263. Procedure to dispose of property to private persons.
7-15-4264. Obligations of transferees of municipal property in urban renewal area.
7-15-4265. Presumption of regularity in transfer of title.
7-15-4266. Temporary use of municipal property in urban renewal area.
7-15-4267. Cooperation by public bodies.
7-15-4268. through reserved.
7-15-4277. Short title.
7-15-4278. Legislative findings -- purpose.
7-15-4279. Targeted economic development districts.
7-15-4280. Resolution of necessity required for targeted economic development district.
7-15-4281. Financial authority in connection with urban renewal.
7-15-4282. Authorization for tax increment financing.
7-15-4283. Definitions related to tax increment financing.
7-15-4284. Filing of tax increment provisions plan or district ordinance.
7-15-4285. Determination and report of original, actual, and incremental taxable values.
7-15-4286. Procedure to determine and disburse tax increment.
7-15-4287. Provision for use of portion of tax increment.
7-15-4288. Costs that may be paid by tax increment financing.
7-15-4289. Use of tax increments for bond payments.
7-15-4290. Use of property taxes and other revenue for payment of bonds.
7-15-4291. Agreements to remit unused portion of tax increments.
7-15-4292. Termination of tax increment financing -- exception.
7-15-4293. Adjustment of base taxable value following change of law or local disaster.
7-15-4294. Assessment agreements.
7-15-4295. Repealed.
7-15-4296. Repealed.
7-15-4297. Repealed.
7-15-4298. Repealed.
7-15-4299. Repealed.