Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 45. Municipal Housing Authorities Continued

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7-15-4501. Authorization to issue bonds.
7-15-4502. Powers related to loans.
7-15-4503. Nature of bonded indebtedness.
7-15-4504. Bonds and other obligations to be fully negotiable.
7-15-4505. Housing authority bonds as legal investments.
7-15-4506. Details relating to bonds.
7-15-4507. Sale of bonds.
7-15-4508. Purchase of bonds by housing authority.
7-15-4509. Interim certificates.
7-15-4510. Validity and sufficiency of signatures on bonds.
7-15-4511. Creation of special funds.
7-15-4512. Security for money deposited by housing authority.
7-15-4513. through reserved.
7-15-4521. General powers related to bonds and lease obligations.
7-15-4522. Redemption of bonds.
7-15-4523. Amendment or abrogation of bond contracts.
7-15-4524. Bond provisions related to determination and use of rents and fees.
7-15-4525. Bond provisions related to management and use of property.
7-15-4526. Power to mortgage property when government financing involved.
7-15-4527. Provisions related to breach or default on bonds and bond covenants.
7-15-4528. Use of bond trustee.
7-15-4529. General remedies of an obligee of a housing authority.
7-15-4530. Special remedies of an obligee resulting from mortgage or trust indenture.
7-15-4531. Remedies of obligees to be cumulative.
7-15-4532. Limitations on remedies of obligees.