Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 41. Municipal Police Force

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7-32-4101. Police department authorized and required.
7-32-4102. Applicability of part.
7-32-4103. Supervision of police department.
7-32-4104. Additional regulations by city council.
7-32-4105. Duties of chief of police.
7-32-4106. List of active and eligible police officers.
7-32-4107. Utilization of retired officers.
7-32-4108. Appointment to police force.
7-32-4109. Temporary employment for persons doing police work.
7-32-4110. Procedure for reinstatement on police force.
7-32-4111. Examination of applicants for position on police force.
7-32-4112. Qualifications of police officers.
7-32-4113. Probationary period and confirmation of appointment.
7-32-4114. Restrictions on activities of police officers.
7-32-4115. Exemptions of members of police force.
7-32-4116. Minimum wage of police in first- and second-class cities.
7-32-4117. Group insurance for police officers -- funding.
7-32-4118. Work period -- days off duty without loss of compensation.
7-32-4119. Overtime compensation.
7-32-4120. Expenditure of state payments by municipality not having police retirement system -- annual report.
7-32-4121. Action to recover salary.
7-32-4122. Contributions for group life insurance and representation.
7-32-4123. Nonparticipation.
7-32-4124. through reserved.
7-32-4131. Compensation and allowance for sick or injured police officers.
7-32-4132. Payment of partial salary amount of officer injured in performance of duty.
7-32-4133. Repealed.
7-32-4134. Repealed.
7-32-4135. Discontinuation of salary when retirement allowance granted.
7-32-4136. Assignment to light duty or another agency.
7-32-4137. Effect on probationary status.
7-32-4138. Subrogation.
7-32-4139. Repealed.
7-32-4140. through reserved.
7-32-4151. Police commission required in all cities and some towns.
7-32-4152. Term and compensation of members of police commission.
7-32-4153. Meaning of word mayor.
7-32-4154. Role of police commission in examination of applicants for police force.
7-32-4155. Role of police commission in hearing and deciding appeals brought by police officers.
7-32-4156. Appeals to be in writing.
7-32-4157. Rights of police officer.
7-32-4158. Police commission hearings open to public.
7-32-4159. Subpoena authority of police commission.
7-32-4160. Decision by police commission.
7-32-4161. Enforcement of decision.
7-32-4162. Repealed.
7-32-4163. Repealed.
7-32-4164. Right to appeal.