Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 21. Rural Fire Districts

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7-33-2101. Rural fire districts authorized -- petition.
7-33-2102. Notice of hearing.
7-33-2103. Hearing on petition -- decision.
7-33-2104. Operation of fire districts.
7-33-2105. Powers and duties of trustees.
7-33-2106. Details relating to board of trustees of fire district -- election -- qualified electors.
7-33-2107. Contracts for fire protection services.
7-33-2108. Mutual aid agreements -- request if no agreement exists -- definitions.
7-33-2109. Tax levy, debt incurrence, and bonds authorized -- voted levy for volunteer firefighters' disability income or workers' compensation coverage.
7-33-2110. Volunteer fire districts or companies -- fire departments -- not affected by city-county consolidation.
7-33-2111. Fire district capital improvement fund authorized.
7-33-2112. Minutes.
7-33-2113. through reserved.
7-33-2116. Payment of partial salary to rural firefighter injured in performance of duty.
7-33-2117. through reserved.
7-33-2120. Consolidation of fire districts and fire service areas -- mill levy limitations.
7-33-2121. Renumbered .
7-33-2122. Repealed.
7-33-2123. Renumbered .
7-33-2124. Renumbered .
7-33-2125. Annexation of adjacent territory not contained in a fire district.
7-33-2126. Annexation of adjacent territory contained in a fire district.
7-33-2127. Withdrawal by owner of individual tract adjacent to municipality.
7-33-2128. Dissolution of fire district.
7-33-2129. Annexation of rural fire district property by municipality -- responsibility for debt.
7-33-2130. through reserved.
7-33-2141. Division of fire district authorized.
7-33-2142. Division of district -- petition -- plan for division.
7-33-2143. Decision on petition for division -- protest.
7-33-2144. Distribution of assets and liabilities following division.