Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 25. Compensation and Official Fees

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7-4-2501. Compensation of county officers.
7-4-2502. Payment of salaries of county officials and assistants -- state share for county attorney -- statutory appropriation.
7-4-2503. Salary schedule for certain county officers -- county compensation board.
7-4-2504. Salaries to be fixed by resolution -- cost-of-living increments.
7-4-2505. Amount of compensation for deputies and assistants.
7-4-2506. Repealed.
7-4-2507. Deputy sheriff and undersheriff provisions -- construction.
7-4-2508. Compensation of undersheriff and deputy sheriff.
7-4-2509. Sheriff's office -- work period in lieu of workweek -- overtime compensation.
7-4-2510. Sheriff's office -- longevity payments.
7-4-2511. Collection and disposal of fees.
7-4-2512. Statement and affidavit of fees collected.
7-4-2513. Filing of statements and affidavits.
7-4-2514. Filing required to receive salary.
7-4-2515. Fees to be paid in advance.
7-4-2516. Fees not required in certain cases.
7-4-2517. Itemized receipt for fees.
7-4-2518. Statement of fees to be posted.
7-4-2519. Prohibition upon receiving other fees.
7-4-2520. Misconduct concerning official fees to result in vacancy of office.
7-4-2521. Designation of person to receive decedent's warrants or paychecks -- reissuance.
7-4-2522. through reserved.
7-4-2525. Fees of sheriff to be fixed by resolution.