Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 21. Conduct of County Government

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7-5-2101. General authority of county commissioners.
7-5-2102. Promulgation and enforcement of rules.
7-5-2103. Division of county into districts.
7-5-2104. Direction of lawsuits.
7-5-2105. Authority to contract for printing and supplies.
7-5-2106. Control of conflict of interest.
7-5-2107. Employment of personnel by county commissioners.
7-5-2108. County work week.
7-5-2109. County control of litter.
7-5-2110. Community decay defined.
7-5-2111. Control of community decay.
7-5-2112. Littering with lighted matches, cigarettes, and other burning material and dumping ashtray prohibited -- penalty -- posting.
7-5-2113. through reserved.
7-5-2121. Administration of oaths.
7-5-2122. Meetings of board of county commissioners.
7-5-2123. Publication of board proceedings and annual financial statement.
7-5-2124. Repealed.
7-5-2125. Open meetings.
7-5-2126. Attendance at board meetings by sheriff.
7-5-2127. Subpoena power of county commissioners.
7-5-2128. Fees of officers and witnesses.
7-5-2129. Minute book to be kept by board.
7-5-2130. Records to be signed.
7-5-2131. Records to be available to public.
7-5-2132. Destruction of county records.
7-5-2133. Convenience fee for electronic county government services.
7-5-2134. through reserved.
7-5-2141. Membership in associations of counties.
7-5-2142. Membership in associations of clerk and recorders.
7-5-2143. Membership in associations of clerks of district courts.
7-5-2144. Membership in associations of county treasurers.
7-5-2145. Attendance at meetings and conventions by county officers and employees.
7-5-2146. Membership in associations of county school superintendents -- payment of expenses.
7-5-2147. through reserved.
7-5-2150. Compensated absence liability fund.