Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 2. Inspection of Marks and Brands

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81-3-201. Definitions.
81-3-202. Rules.
81-3-203. Duties of state stock inspectors and deputy stock inspectors.
81-3-204. Seizure of livestock -- retention of livestock -- sale -- disposal of proceeds.
81-3-205. Fees for inspection and livestock transportation permits.
81-3-206. Commissioners to designate places for loading livestock for inspection.
81-3-207. through reserved.
81-3-210. Bill of sale required to prove ownership.
81-3-211. Inspection of livestock before change of ownership or removal from county -- transportation permits.
81-3-212. Exceptions.
81-3-213. Inspection of livestock removed from state.
81-3-214. Repealed.
81-3-215. Inspection of dead animals in feedlots.
81-3-216. Repealed.
81-3-217. through reserved.
81-3-221. Brands fraudulently changed.
81-3-222. Compensation for animals killed.
81-3-223. Action by dissatisfied owner -- costs.
81-3-224. through reserved.
81-3-231. Penalties.
81-3-232. Penalty for noninspection of dead animal in feedlot.
81-3-233. Penalty for removal of livestock from state without inspection -- exception.