Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 2. Animals Unlawfully Running at Large

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81-4-201. Animals running at large.
81-4-202. Penalties.
81-4-203. Open range defined.
81-4-204. Male equine animals not to run on open range.
81-4-205. Male equine animals running at large as nuisance -- abatement.
81-4-206. Killing animal to prevent injury not prohibited.
81-4-207. Castration of animals running at large -- notice to owner -- expense and charges.
81-4-208. Killing of animal running at large -- notice -- posting and service.
81-4-209. Penalty for violations.
81-4-210. Only purebred bulls to run at large -- limitation on time.
81-4-211. Female breeding cattle, purebred bull to accompany.
81-4-212. Castration of violating bulls.
81-4-213. Penalty.
81-4-214. Branding animals running at large -- running irons prohibited.
81-4-215. Liability of owners of stock for trespass.
81-4-216. Damage to planted trees.
81-4-217. Retention of trespassing stock.
81-4-218. Marking land and mining claims in national forest.
81-4-219. Method of marking.
81-4-220. Marking -- right of action against trespassing stock.