Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 1. Predatory Animal Control

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81-7-101. Definition.
81-7-102. Department to supervise destruction of predatory animals -- cooperation with other agencies -- administration of money.
81-7-103. Administration of funds by department.
81-7-104. Predator control money -- use of proceeds
81-7-105. Disposition of proceeds from sale of skins, hides, and specimens -- presenting to museums.
81-7-106. Predatory animal state special revenue account.
81-7-107. through reserved.
81-7-111. Evidence of killing by bounty claimant.
81-7-112. Bounty inspectors.
81-7-113. Claim for bounty.
81-7-114. Certificate and record of sheriff.
81-7-115. Duty of county clerk.
81-7-116. Bounty claims and certificates to be filed with department.
81-7-117. Department to examine claims and certificates -- approval or disapproval of claims.
81-7-118. Fee for purpose of paying bounty claims -- limitation on fee.
81-7-119. Repealed.
81-7-120. Use of funds remaining after payment of bounties -- sale of furs, skins, and specimens -- presentation to museums.
81-7-121. Falsifying certificates or affidavits -- penalty.
81-7-122. Penalty for fraudulent claims.