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Entitlement Share

Entitlement Share

General Resources:

Simplification in the 21st Century - Summary Report from the 1999-2000 Local Government Funding and Structure Committee
HB 124 (2001) - "The Big Bill" final version
History of Entitlement Share - Department of Revenue

September 9, 2020 Meeting Materials:

Letter to Legislative Council Requesting Entitlement Share Training during Legislator Orientation
Memo regarding Entitlement Share protections

January 15, 2020 Meeting Materials:

ES Growth Rate - policy history and explanation of current calculation
1999 Tax Cuts

November 12-13, 2019 Meeting Materials:

HB 124 (2001) Timeline - Infographic
HB 33 (2015) History
Entitlement Share Fiscal History - Legislative Fiscal Division

September 12, 2019 Meeting Materials:

Entitlement Share Program 101 Handout
Revenue Collection Flowchart
Entitlement Share Presentation - Slides

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