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SJ 19 Study of Sexual and Violent Offender Registry

SJ 19: Study of sexual and violent offender registries

Study Background:  Montana's Sexual or Violent Offender Registry Act (SVORA) was initially enacted in 1989 and created a registry for sexual offenders. It has been revised and expanded in the subsequent years to include violent offenders and to provide public information on other types of offenders and to require assignment of a risk level to an offender. Montana is currently out of compliance with federal law on sexual offender registries in part became the state classifies sex offenders by the risk of reoffense rather than the type of crime for which the person was convicted. Prior to the 2019-2020 interim, the LJIC had discussed the SVORA, but had not conducted an in-depth review of the registry. SJ 19, sponsored during the 2019 legislative session by Sen. Diane Sands, requested an interim committee study the SVORA program.

Documents generated during the LJIC's 2019-2020 study of the registries are available on this page. To view committee meetings in the 2019-2020 interim, click on the Meeting Minutes tab on the LJIC's home page. To view legislative proposals from the meetings, click on the Legislation tab on the LJIC's home page.

Study Summary -- December 2020

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