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Meeting Details:

No additional meetings scheduled for the 2019-2020 interim.

Upcoming Meeting Dates:

August 24 is the last scheduled meeting of the interim.

Meeting Materials

At its last meeting of the interim, the Montana Legislature's State-Tribal Relations Committee adopted the following bill drafts as committee legislation for the 2021 session and finalized reports for its major studies. Final reports will be posted on the committee's website as they are published.

  • Study of improving communication between the state and tribes in cases of child abuse and neglect
    • Creating a 5-day Shelter Care Hearing ( HJR 48/49-1a ) (joint legislation with the Children and Families Committee)
    • Final report
  • HJ 10 study of barriers to American Indian voting
  • Study of highway maintenance within reservation boundaries
  • Bill draft re: federal recognition of the Little Shell ( PD0001 )
  • Missing persons-related proposals
    • Establishing a missing persons review commission - (PD0008)
    • Establishing a missing persons response team training grant program - (PD0010)
    • Extending the Missing Indigenous Persons Task Force - (PD0011)
    • Extending the Missing Indigenous Persons Task Force and the Looping in Native Communities grant program - (PD0012)
    • STRC Action Report

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