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Committee Objection: MAR Notice 37-994

A majority of the committee voted at the August 26, 2022, meeting to informally object to MAR Notice No. 37-994, which provided religious exemptions to vaccine requirements for children and staff at child care facilities. The objection prevents DPHHS from adopting the proposed rule until late January 2023.

Committee Objection: MAR Notice 37-909

A majority of committee members notified the chairman in early January 2022 that they objected to MAR Notice No. 37-909, proposing rules for Category D assisted living facilities and making other changes to administrative rules for assisted living facilities. DPHHS discussed the committee's concerns during the January 2022 meeting, and the committee did not continue its objection.

Committee Objection: MAR Notices 37-944 and 37-949

The committee voted at a July 6, 2021, meeting to informally object to two administrative rules related to provider rates. The committee renewed the informal objections at its August 10, 2021, meeting while limiting its objection to MAR Notice No. 37-944 to the maternity and optometry rates contained in that notice.

At its September 22, 2021, meeting, the committee continued its objection to MAR Notice No. 37-944, but limited the objection to the optometry rates in the proposed rule. It did not renew its objection to MAR Notice No. 37-949. The Department of Public Health and Human Services had recently published an amended rulemaking notice for Notice No. 37-949, setting rates for providers of developmental disability services, and committee members said the revised rule addressed their concerns. 

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