Montana State Legislature


EAIC Legislation

The EAIC has developed the following draft legislation based on its findings or a committee member's request. The bills, if adopted as committee bills at or before the committee's final meeting, will be introduced in the 2019 Legislative Session.

Proposed by members with voted approval by committee members:

LCRSCC - A bill to repeal statutory reference to the Rail Service Competition Council

LCDOR1 - A bill revising alcoholic beverage license auctions, overlapping quota areas

Additional bill drafts will be posted as they become available

SJR 20 bill draft proposals

  • LCBSD1 - Revising definition of high-poverty county

SJR 27 bill draft proposals

  • LCmsfb - Revising appointment of Montana State Fund Board of Directors
  • LCmsf1 - Allowing state government to choose among options for workers' compensation insurance
  • LCmsf2 - Allowing Montana State Fund to opt out of certain state processes
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