Montana State Legislature

Required Reports

Required Reports

State law requires that a number of reports be provided to the Education Interim Committee throughout the interim. The reports listed below will be linked as they are provided to the committee. 

Report Entity Deadline Statute
Reemployment of Retired Teachers TRS Sept 1, 2022 19-20-732
Educational Opportunity for Military Children OPI et. al. Sept 1, 2022 20-1-231
Advanced Opportunity Act BPE Sept 1, 2022 20-7-1506
Transformational Learning BPE Sept 1, 2022 20-7-1602
Resident Student Financial Aid (annual report) OCHE Sept 1, 2021 20-26-105
County Interdisciplinary Child Information and School Safety Team OPI Sept 1, 2022 52-2-211
Grow Your Own Grant Program (teacher recruitment and retention) OCHE Sept 1, 2021 HB 403

The following education-related reports are required to be submitted to the legislature as a whole and the Education Interim Committee may request copies and/or presentations on them during the interim. A clearinghouse of reports to the legislature is maintained here:

Report Entity Deadline Statute
Education Commission of the States (annual) ECS Sept 1, 2021 20-2-501
Perkins CTE Plan OCHE Sept 1, 2022 20-7-330
Gifted and Talented Programs OPI Sept 1, 2022 20-7-904
At-Risk Students OPI Sept 1, 2022 20-9-328
American Indian Students OPI Sept 1, 2022 20-9-329
Indian Language Preservation OPI Sept 1, 2022 20-9-537
Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (annual) WICHE Jan 15, 2022 20-25-801
MHS Trustees MHS Sept 1, 2022 22-3-107
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