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August 14-16, 2024
Time: TBD
Libby, MT


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June 17, 2024

  Agenda (as of 6/12/2024)


Update from MEPA Work Group

Adverse Climate Impacts of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Petition to Public Service Commission

Administrative Rule Review

SJ 18 (Study of remediation at Smurfit Stone site)

Letter to U.S. Department of Agriculture objecting to New Rule redefining Old-Growth Forests within National Forest Plans

Report on Road Closures/Restrictions on State Lands (77-1-820)

Report on Land Banking (77-2-366)

Previous Meeting Materials

agenda (Updated 4/5/24)

Letter to Congressional Delegation in Support of Demonstration Project for Recovery of Rare Earth Elements and Critical Minerals at Berkeley Pit

Letter to EPA Requesting Pause in Final Remediation Plan for CFAC

Letter to Technical Assistance Grant Program (EPA) Supporting Application of Coalition for a Clean CFAC

  • Letter to Technical Assistance Grant program

Letter to U.S. Department of Agriculture Objecting to New Redefining Old-Growth Forests within National Forest Plans

  • Letter to U.S. Agriculture 

Administrative Rule Review

  Agenda (Updated 3/12/2024)

Backgrounder on Montana Environmental Policy Act

HJ18 (Study on remediation of Smurfit-Stone mill site)

Report on Progress of Future Fisheries Improvement Program (87-1-272)

Biennial Report on Harvest of Mountain Sheep from Tendoy Mountain Herd (87-2-702)

Administrative Rule Review

Update on Superfund Remediation at Columbia Falls Aluminum Co. Site

Administrative Matters

Public Comment



Final agenda (updated Jan. 17)

Updated Fri., Jan. 19 agenda

HJ18 (Study Remediation of Smurfit-Stone Mill Site)

Report on Orphan Share State Special Revenue Account Funds (75-10-743, MCA)

Report on Sale of State Land Cabins and Sites (77-2-366, MCA)

Update on Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) Program

Effect of Wolverine Listing under Endangered Species Act

Update from Fish and Wildlife Commission Hunting Season-Setting

Update on Kootenai Forest Plan Amendment and Grizzlies Outside of Recovery Zones (BORZ)

Administrative Rule Review

State Drought Plan

Panel on State-Federal Cooperation and Good Neighbor Authority

Federal Agency and Court Decisions Related to Coal Mining and Reclamation

Public Comment


Review of I-193


Wildfire Update

Update on Cleanup of Stillwater Co. Train Derailment/Yellowstone River Spill

Update on Comprehensive Water Review

Update on Land Transfers with Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes

Fish Creek Watershed Recreation Planning

Update on Petroleum Tank Release Compensation Program

Critical Commodities (Rare Earth Elements)

Sage Grouse Reports

Roosters for Recruitment Summary

Automated Licensing System: Special Drawings, Bonus Points

Adoption of Final Work Plan

Montana Invasive Species Council (MISC)

Administrative Rule Report

Director Updates

Notice of Violation of MT Water Quality Act (WQA)

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