Montana State Legislature


LGIC Legislation

The LGIC approved 10 bills to bring before the 2019 Legislature. The committee's legislative proposals will be linked as they become available. Once they are entered into LAWS, they will be assigned a formal LC Number.

SJ 21: Study of EMS and Volunteer Firefighter Systems

HJ 25: Study of Municipal Fire Departments

  • LCMFD3 -- Second-Class Cities Fire
  • LCMFD4 -- Regional Fire Authorities

Additional Drafts

  • LCLGR1 -- Changes in GAAP Requirements
  • LCSAA1 -- Single Audit Act Amendments
  • LChtc1 -- Workforce Housing Tax Credit
  • LChlcs -- Coal Severance Trust Fund Housing Loans
  • LCahgr -- Affordable Housing Grants
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