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Required Reports

Required Reports

State law requires that a number of reports be provided to the LJIC throughout the interim. The reports listed below will be linked as they are provided to the committee.

Judicial Standards Review Commission Report Judicial Branch 9/1/2024 3-1-1126

District Court and Judge Key Performance Indicators Display

2023 Report / 2024 Report

Judicial Branch 12/1/2023
HB 709 (2023)

Pending Civil Cases Quarterly Report*/** 

Judicial Branch  Quarterly 3-1-713
District Court Judges and Substitutions Annual Report Judicial Branch  Annual

3-1-713SB 224 (2023)

Juvenile Delinquency Intervention Program – Out-of-home Placements, Programs, and Services Biennial Report Judicial Branch  Biennial 41-5-2003
Montana Board of Pardons and Parole Biennial Report BOPP Biennial  
Quality Assurance Unit DOC 9/1/2024 53-1-211
Offenders Under Previous Supervision During Previous FY who were Convicted of New Felony Offense or Revoked Under Certain Circumstances DOC 9/1/2023 46-23-1016
MIIG Supervision Grid Report DOC 9/1/2023 46-23-1016
Public Safety Officer Standards and Training (POST) Council Pending Investigations Quarterly Report DOJ Quarterly HB 697 (2023)
Attorney General from the County Attorney, Childhood Sexual Abuse Prosecutions Annual Report DOJ Annual 41-3-210
HB 399, 2023
Statewide Public Safety Communications Report DOJ 9/1/2024 44-4-1606
Domestic Violence Fatality Review Commission Biennial Report DOJ Biennial 2-15-2017
Montana False Claims Act Biennial Report DOJ Biennial 17-8-416
Child Abuse and Neglect Review Commission Report** DOJ   41-3-123

Facial Recognition for Government Use Act Report

2023 Report / 2024 Report

DOJ Annual SB 397
Restorative Justice Grants Biennial Report DOJ - BOCC Biennial 44-7-302
Crisis Intervention Team Status Biennial Report DOJ - BOCC Biennial 44-7-110
The Office of State Public Defender Annual Plan State Public Defender Annual HB 190
State Public Defender Biennial Report State Public Defender Biennial 47-1-125
State Public Defender 5-year Funding Report State Public Defender Biennial 47-1-125
Criminal Justice Oversight Council Biennial Report*** CJOC Biennial 53-1-216

*These reports are required to be sent to multiple interim committees.
**These reports are no longer required to be sent to LJIC, or the statute is temporary.
***These reports are required to be sent to the Legislature as a whole, and is done so through LJIC.

HB 693, 2021, amended multiple statutes to require reporting to the Law and Justice Interim Committee. The Chapter number assigned was 566.



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