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HJ 31: Criminal Justice System Data in Montana

Study Background: Although most state, tribal, and local criminal justice agencies collect data, Montana does not have a central database or clearinghouse. That absence can limit the state's ability to identify areas that might benefit from statutory changes and to track the effectiveness of improvements to criminal justice system processes and interventions. The 2017 Legislature enacted multiple bills to restructure parts of the state's criminal justice system. However, tracking the effectiveness of those changes has been hindered by the lack of accurate, complete data from arrest to release from prison or supervision. Local criminal justice system data, including charging decisions, can be difficult to obtain but is crucial to understanding the statewide system and comparing outcomes in different jurisdictions. Although criminal justice data, its quality, and its use to measure criminal justice system outcomes are often discussed in legislative hearings, these topics have not been the focus of an interim study.

House Joint Resolution 31 (2021), sponsored by Rep. Frank Fleming, requested an interim committee study criminal justice data collection and dissemination.

Documents generated by the study are posted on this page. To view committee meetings in the 2021-2022 interim, click on the Meeting Minutes tab on the home page.

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