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SB 303: Telecommunications Contracts with State Prisons

Study Background:  Senate Bill No. 303 (SB 303), sponsored by Sen. Tom McGillvray, required the LJIC to study inmate telecommunications contracts and costs, including contracts for services provided in state prisons, other state-owned or operated facilities and county detention centers. the House Judiciary Committee amended the bill to require the LJIC to study the topic in the interim. Committee discussion during executive action indicated members understood the importance of the issue with the public, noted the Department of Corrections and the sheriffs' association were willing to help with the study, and preferred to take legislative action related to the telecommunications contracts. However, existing contracts and differences between the operation of state and local facilities complicated the issues, so the legislators decided a study would be the best option to generate information for the next Legislature.

The amendment also required the Legislative Audit Division to conduct a performance audit of the inmate welfare fund, which is partially funded by revenues from the state's contract for inmate telecommunications services. 

Documents generated by the study are posted on this page. To view committee meetings in the 2021-2022 interim, click on the Meeting Minutes tab on the home page.

Final Study Materials

SB 303 Final Report -- Approved August 2022

LC 285 - Generally revising laws related to state prison and county detention center telecommunication contracts

  • Please see page ii of the final report for the approved language for LC 285

SB 303 text

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