Montana State Legislature

1999-2000 Law and Justice Committee

  • Legislation Requested by the Committee
  • LC0101 Reparation for human remains
  • LC0102 Create intermediate appellate court
  • LC0103 Clarify that fair market value must be obtained for school trust lands
  • LC0104 Providing that a physician-assistant certified may perform previability abortion
  • LC0105 Eliminate redundant law concerning landlord liability
  • LC0106 Clarify discharge from employment during probationary period
  • LC0107 Exclude election judges from unemployment insurance
  • LC0108 Establishing viability as an element of the offense of partial-birth abortion
  • LC0109 Codify family law exception to contempt appeals
  • LC0110 Clarify information disclosure of peer review committee
  • LC0111 Clarifying place to receive custody of youth
  • LC0112 Clarify weapon enhancement statute
  • LC0115 Revise child abuse and neglect laws
  • LC0116 Extend duration of Indian economic development commission
  • LC0117 Authorize criminal statutes revision commission
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