Law and Justice Legislation

Table of Committee Bills:
Recommendations to 2011 Legislature


Working Draft No.

Official LC No. for Session* Short Title Committee Vote
LCdna3 LC0364 Lengthen time DNA evidence must be preserved in certain cases passed 9-3 (with amendments)
LClj01-R LC0365 Strengthen drivers' license sanctions for MIP offenders passed 11-1
LClj02-R LC0366 Allow game wardens to issue MIP citations passed 11-1
LClj03-R LC0367 Mandatory alcohol server and sales training passed 12-0
LClj04 -R LC0368 Statewide on-call judge for search warrants passed 8-4
LClj05 LC0369 Provide that any amount of a dangerous drug is impaired driving per se passed 7-5
LClj06-A LC0370 Revise drivers' license provisions for DUI court participation passed 12-0
LClj06-B LC0371 Revise jail penalties for DUI court participation passed 12-0
LClj07 LC0372 Allow cities to establish courts of record passed 12-0
LClj08 LC0373 Strengthen ACT laws for treatment of DUI/BAC offenders passed 12-0 (with amendments)
LClj10 LC0374 Provide one-year jurisdiction for DUI/BAC offenders passed 11-1
LClj11 LC0375 Eliminate 5-year look back in misdemeanor DUI/BAC cases passed 10-2
LClj14 LC0376 Create a misdemeanor crime of aggravated DUI passed 11-0
LClj15 LC0377 Authorized county social host liability ordinances passed 11-0
LClj17 LC0378 Authorize search warrants to obtain blood or breath test in DUI cases passed 10-2

* Each LC will receive a House or Senate Bill Number when it is actually introduced. However, the bill may still be tracked in LAWS (the online Legislative Automated Workflow System) by its official LC No.


Bill proposals that FAILED to advance

  • LClj16 - Stiff penalty for refusal of breath/blood alcohol test (failed 5-6)
  • LClj13 - Request
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