Law and Justice Reports

Law and Justice Reports

SJR 29 - Retention of Biological Evidence (DNA)


SJR 39 - DUI Laws

Major Reports by Category
Meeting Date Title Author/Presenter
Background Reports and Options Papers
Aug 3, 2009 SJR 39 - A Primer: Background Report Sheri Heffelfinger, Legislative Staff
Reference Initiatives to Address Impaired Driving, December 2003. National Highway Transportation Safety Administration
Feb 8, 2010 Strategies for combating DUIs: Coordinated Treatment, Community Supervision, and Penalties Sheri Heffelfinger, Legislative Staff
Dec 18, 2009 Issues and Options Paper #1 Sheri Heffelfinger, Legislative Staff
Data on DUI/BAC Fatalities, Offenses, Probation & Parole
Reference Impaired Driving Fatality Rates by State, December 2009 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Reference Drunk Driving Fatalities in America. 2008 The Century Council
Feb 8, 2010 DUI-related charges and convictions Office of Court Administrator
Dec 18, 2010 Motor Vehicle Division Data on DUI and BAC convictions Montana Dept. of Justice
Dec 18, 2010 DUI/BAC probation and parole data Montana Dept. of Corrections
Fiscal Reports - Economic Costs, Fees, Taxes
Feb 8, 2010 Economic Costs of Alchohol-Related Vehicle Crashes in Montana Dr. Seninger, University of Montana
April 5, 2010 Court Data on DUI/BAC Fees, Fines, and Costs Office of Court Administrator
April 5, 2010 Driver's License Reinstatement Fees, DUI Task Forces, DUI Courts Pat Gervais, Legislative Staff
April 5, 2010 Alcohol Taxes - Revenue Terry Johnson, Legislative Staff
Prevention and Education
Sept 28, 2009 SJR 39 -Issue Summary: Panel #1 Overview - Prevention & Education Sheri Heffelfinger, Legislative Staff
Sept 28, 2009

Environmental Prevention: Drunk Driving and Binge Drinking

Montana Community Change Project Issue Brief
Sept 28, 2009 Testimony: Prevention Resource Center Efforts Vickie Turner, DPHHS
Sept 28, 2009 Safe and Drug Free Schools Cathy Kendall, OPI
Sept 28, 2009 Liquor Control Division Overview Shauna Helfert, Liquor Control Div. Administrator, Dept. of Revenue
Sept 28, 2009 Alive-At-25 - PowerPoint John Spencer, MHP
Reference Montana Youth Risk Behavior Survey 2009 OPI
Laws and Enforcement - Supervision
Sept 28, 2009 DUI laws chart Sheri Heffelfinger, Legislative Staff
Dec 18, 2009 DUI Sentencing Diana Koch, Department of Corrections
Reference 2007 DUI Model Law National Committee on Uniform Traffic Laws and Ordinances
Dec 18, 2009 South Dakota's 24/7 sobriety program - PowerPoint Presented by Col. Mike Tooley, MHP
Dec 18, 2009 Testimony: Ignition Interlock Systems Steve Smith, IIS
April 5, 2010 South Dakota 24/7 Sobriety Program Overiew South Dakota Attorney General's Office (Presented by Bill Mickelson)
April 5, 2010 Editorial on South Dakota 24/7 Program Addiction Journal Article
April 5, 2010 Pilot 24/7 in Montana - Press Release with Fact Sheet Link Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock's Office
DUI Courts, Community-based treatment programs, and A.C.T
Dec 18, 2009 Overview of DUI courts in Montana Jeff Kushner, Statewide Coordinator, Specialty Courts
Dec 18, 2009 Testimony on Evaluation Data and Research Findings about DUI Courts Jeff Kushner, Statewide Coordinator, Specialty Courts
Feb 8, 2010 Solutions for Montana's DUI Problem Mona Sumner, Rimrock Foundation, Billings
Dec 18, 2009 Testimony: DPHHS Chemical Dependency Programs Joan Cassidy, Chemical Dependency Bureau, DPHHS
Dec 18, 2009 Prime For Life (New A.C.T. Curriculum) Joan Cassidy, Chemical Dependency Bureau, DPHHS
Dec 18, 2009 Approved Chemical Dependency Programs, DPHHS Joan Cassidy, Chemical Dependency Bureau, DPHHS
Dec 18, 2009 Montana map of CD program locations Joan Cassidy, Chemical Dependency Bureau, DPHHS
Dec 18, 2009 Chemical Dependency Bureau Budget overview Joan Cassidy, Chemical Dependency Bureau, DPHHS
Felony DUI - Prison Treatment Program - WATCh
Dec 18, 2009 Primer on WATCh Department of Corrections
Dec 18, 2009 Testimony: status and statistics on WATCh treatment program Rick Deady, Treatment Program Manager, WATCh
Feb 8, 2010 Assessing Montana's Multiple Offender Drunk Drivers Dr. Timothy Conley, et. al., University of Montana
Alcohol Impairment and Drugged Driving
Feb 8, 2010 Field Sobriety Testing Sgt. Steve Baiamonte, MHP
Feb 8, 2010 Effects of Alcohol on the Human Brain - PowerPoint Ben Vetter, Forensic Science Div., Dept. of Justice
Feb 8, 2010 Drug Recognition Education (DRE) Program - PowerPoint Trooper Kurt Sager, MHP
June 30, 2010 Drugged Driving - PowerPoint Presented by Rebecca Sturdevent (MADD)
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