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HJR 39 Study: Community Services

HJR 39 Study: Community Services

The 2009 Legislature approved House Joint Resolution 39 for a study of the development of additional community services for people with developmental disabilities and mental illness.

Legislators ranked the study 13th in their post-session poll of interim studies. The Legislative Council assigned the study to the Children, Families, Health, and Human Services Interim Committee in May 2009, to be conducted at the staff level with the findings presented to the Committee in a white paper. The committee adopted a study plan in June 2009 that outlined activities to be undertaken as part of the study.

The Committee reviewed the draft white paper and and took public comment on the report during its April 2010 meeting. The Committee approved the report and agreed to forward it to the Department of Public Health and Human Services so the Department could review the recommendations it contains. Committee members determined that the Department could pursue any of the recommendations without further Committee action.

Staff Reports

  • HJR 39 White Paper -- Community Services for Dually Diagnosed Individuals: By Sue O'Connell, April 2010
  • PowerPoint: Community Services for Dually Diagnosed Individuals, April 26, 2010
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