Montana State Legislature


House Joint Resolution 2--Investigate Electronic Records Management (ERM)

Background Materials

Text of HJR 2

Background of HJR 2 (presented to ELG 9/24/13)

ERM Legal Framework (presented to ELG 9/24/13)

ERM Overview (presented to ELG 9/24/13)

Montana Electronic Records Initiative (MERI) Strategic Plan (2008)

Strategic Plan (SOS and MHS, 2004)


HJR 2 ERM Work Group

The HJR 2 Work Group concluded its work and presented a final report to the Education and Local Government Interim Committee at the committee's April 11 meeting.


HJR 2 ERM Work Group plan

October 23, 2013--Agenda; Audio; Summary

Elements, Rationale, Strategies

November 20, 2013--Agenda; Audio; Video; Summary

Agency Presentation (ppt)

ERM Survey Responses

Survey chart presentation for ELG (draft)

Survey comment themes (draft)

Exemplary States Information (in progress)

December 18, 2013--Agenda; Audio; Video; Summary

Review of previous strategic plans for ERM

Exemplary States Information (updated; in progress)

Possible recommendations for ELG (aka "The Platter"; working document; in progress)

January 22, 2014--Agenda; Audio; Video; Summary

Local government perspectives (ppt)

Preliminary findings and recommendations ("The Platter" restructured; in progress)

Update from statute review group (in progress)

February 19, 2014--Agenda; Audio; Video; Summary

SITSD RFI response summary table

Complete RFI responses (Information about the Gartner "Magic Quadrant" article can be found in the IBM response)

Updated preliminary findings and recommendations (with notes; in progress)

Findings and recommendations table (draft)

Statutory subgroup update (in progress)

President's Managing Government Records Directive

March 19, 2014--Agenda; Audio; Video; Summary

Statutory subgroup updated materials

Findings and Recommendations (current)

Proposed changes/additions to Findings and Recommendations

For more information, contact Pad McCracken, Research Analyst

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