Montana State Legislature

2013-2014 Water Policy

  • Representative Pat Conell (R)
  • Representative Steve Fitzpatrick (R)
  • Representative Reailly Neill (D)
  • Representative Kathleen Williams (D)--Vice Chair
  • Senator Jennifer Fielder (R)
  • Senator Bradley Maxon Hamlett (D)
  • Senator Sharon Stewart-Peregoy (D)
  • Senator Chas V Vincent (R)--Chair

Proposed CSKT water rights settlement

RWRCC Water Compact Report (Jan., 2014)

1855 Hellgate Treaty (March, 2014)

RWRCC memo to WPIC re: off-reservation rights, FIIP rights(March, 2014)

RWRCC proposal to CSKT (July, 2014)

CSKT Compact Techical Working Group report to WPIC(Sept., 2014)

Legal Services Office legal analysis of Ballance-Regier questions (Sept., 2014)

WPIC staff memo on "net power revenues" (Oct., 2014)

Reserved Water Rights Compact Commission webpage on proposed CSKT settlement

NOTE: Other documents may be found on committee agenda pages, committee meeting minutes

Water rights, general

Water Rights in Montana, by Land Use and Natural Resrouces Clinic, University of Montana School of Law (Spring 2014)

"Seminar on Water Law," by Prof. Al Stone, University of Montana (1977)

"Determination of Existing Water Rights," Subcommittee on Water Rights (1978)

"Evaluation of Montana's Water Rights Adjudication Process," Saunders, Snyder, Ross & Dickson, P.C. (1988)

State water plan

Water Resources Division (DNRC) State Water Plan resource page

HJ26 (Study of ditch/canal easements)

Text of HJ26

Draft report (July 8, 2014)

Future of agricultural water use

Presentations by invited panelists:

Climate variability, research priorities: Kelsey Jencso, state climatologist, Montana Climate Office, University of Montana

Key stresses: Paul Stoy, assistant professor, Department of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences, Montana State University

Future supply: Tim Davis, administrator, Water Resources Division, DNRC

Resiliency of system: Marco Maneta, assistant professor, Department of Geosciences, University of Montana


2013 Natural Resource legislation summary

March 18, 2014


May 12-13, 2014

(NOTE: Additional meeting materials will be posted as those become available.)


September 8-9, 2014

October 29-30, 2014

The WPIC will begin to develop draft legislation based on its findings in the fall before the 2015 Legislative Session. The committee's legislative proposals will be listed here at that time.

The Environmental Quality Council performs administrative rule review for the State’s natural resource related agencies and coordinates with the Water Policy Interim Committee on water issues. For more information regarding administrative rules, please visit the Environmental Quality Council’s administrative rule review web page.

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