Montana State Legislature

Required Reports

Listed by Agency


  • Motor Fuel Tax Cooperative Agreements (15-70-450, MCA)
    • Requires MDT to report the status of motor fuel tax cooperative agreement negotiations with the state’s Indian tribes. The reports will be provided as needed after negotiations are complete and before the final agreement is submitted to the Attorney General for approval.
  • Alternative Project Delivery Contracting (60-2-119, MCA)
    • Requires MDT to provide a benefit analysis of alternative project delivery contracting in comparison to other contracting processes authorized in 60-2-111.
  • MDT Special Fuels Inspections (61-10-154(8), MCA)
    • Requires MDT to report biennially on enforcement of MDT’s authority to stop and inspect, if probable cause exists, diesel-powered vehicles to determine compliance with provisions of the special fuels use tax law and impacts of enforcement on the state special revenue fund.

Marijuana Monitoring Reports (16-12-110, MCA)

  • Requires reports related to marijuana implementation and monitoring, including the number of licensees, the amount of marijuana cultivated, number of inspections, and any enforcement actions conducted as a result of inspections. TIC is required to receive reports from Oct 1, 2021 until January 1, 2022, at which time reports are required to be provided to the Economic Affairs Interim Committee (EAIC) only.


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