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Interim Committees for 2017-2018

During each legislative session, legislators identify issues they want to study in more depth. They appoint interim committees to conduct these and other studies during the interims between sessions. The House and Senate leadership decides on who will be on the interim committees for the interim. Therefore, the members of the interim committees serve one 20-month term. The committees often invite experts to present information to them. Members of the public also get a chance to have their say.

Legislators use what they learn from the interim studies to make well-informed decisions about what bills to consider during the next session.

Interim & Administrative Committee Assignments

List of Interim Studies: Assignments by Legislative Council

Guidelines for Public Comment during Interim Committee Meetings

Administrative Committees

The administrative committees that oversee management of the legislative branch of state government also meet during the interim.

You can sign up to get electronic notification of committee meetings. You can also listen to all interim committee meetings held in the Capitol live on this website.

Interim Committees List

Past Interim Committees

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