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Legislator Training Opportunities

Funding Opportunities

  • NCSL & CSG

    The Legislature appropriated membership dues for these organizations. Limited funds have been appropriated for legislators to participate in NCSL and CSG. Each caucus leader has the authority to approve funds for their members. If you are seeking funding for a meeting or training opportunity, please contact your leader (Sen. Williams, Sen. Peterson, Rep. Milburn, Rep. Sesso) and have the leader email Susan Fox at and provide information on the meeting and the amount of the approval.

  • Stipends Offered

    Occasionally, organizations offer stipends for various policy meetings. Notices may be sent to the appropriate interim committees and to members appointed to NCSL & CSG Committees to solicit interest directly, but the opportunities may also be posted here for all legislators. If you are interested, please submit the form at the bottom of the page and appropriate authority will be sought on your behalf. Stipends often will not cover all of the costs so additional approval may be necessary for costs above stipend amount or you may be responsible for nonauthorized costs.
  • Notice of Participation

    Many Legislators attend other regional or national meetings, either sponsored or at their own cost. Legislative Services Division would like to know who is participating to better support legislators and communications with interstate organizations. Also, many organizations sponsor other meetings or hosted events and consider Legislative Services the clearinghosue. Please email Susan Fox to let us know what you're participating in so we can better serve you. If you have any questions, please call your caucus leader or Susan Byorth Fox at (406)444-3066 or

Past Trainings

  • Using Data to Improve Student Achievement: K-12 Education Data Systems for Montana. By Madalyn Quinlan,OPI Chief of Staff. October 20, 2011 -- Watch -- Listen -- Meeting materials -- PowerPoint
  • Law School for Legislators, Jan. 4, 2011, presentation by State Bar of Montana and Legislative Services Division -- Watch --  Listen
  • March 3, 2010 Legislature Training Session Video:
    • Appropriation Process and Implementation Process of 17-7-140 -- Watch
    • State Agency Budgets -- Watch
    • State and local partnerships: K-12, pensions, entitlement share -- Watch
    • Revenue Issues -- Watch
    • Plenary Session: Federal and State Stimulus Package -- Watch
    • Optional Introductory Session: Budget and Revenue Terminology -- Watch


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