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Student Guide to the Montana Legislature

The Legislative Services Division publishes A Student's Guide to the Montana Legislature, a 48-page booklet for anyone wanting basic information about the way the Montana Legislature works and how best to get involved in the legislative process. The guide is also available in booklet form from the Legislative Information Office, 406-444-2957.


The Montana Legislature: What’s It to Me?
The Legislature makes decisions that affect every Montanan, every day — and that includes you.

Structure & Organization
Learn about the 3 branches of government, 2 chambers of the Legislature, 150 legislators, and 90 days of regular sessions.

A Legislator’s Job
Your legislator helps to determine the quality of life in Montana. It's an important job! This section also covers legislator qualifications and salary and compensation.

How an Idea Becomes a Bill
Learn where legislators get their ideas for new laws and how the bill-drafting process works.

How a Bill Becomes a Law
Find out what happens to a bill during committee hearings and on the floor of the House and Senate.

Tracking a Bill’s Progress
Learn about LAWS, a free online service for finding agendas, schedules, votes, and the text, status, and sponsors of bills.

How You Can Get Involved
Contact your legislator, testify at a hearing, visit the Capitol, or become a page or an intern.

Highlights from Legislative History

Glossary of Legislative Terms


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