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If you need help finding a specific legislative publication, please contact the Legislative Reference Center at 406-444-3598 or

Search for a Publication
Search database for specific publications by title, subject, date, author, committee, or other criteria.

Buy/ Download Montana Code
Order all or parts of current or previous versions of the Montana Code Annotated and other official legal publications of the Legislative Services Division.

Audit Reports
Factual and objective evaluations by the Legislative Audit Division of the success of legislative policy implementation, state agency management, and operation of state programs.

Environmental Quality Council Publications
Reports and other publications produced by the Legislative Environmental Policy Office (LEPO) for the Environmental Quality Council.

Fiscal Division Publications
Fiscal, revenue, and budget related publications of the Legislative Fiscal Division.

Interim Committee Final Reports
Final reports produced by staff on behalf of legislative interim committees, focusing on policy issues prioritized by the Legislature and studied by interim committees between sessions. Other reports produced by interim committees are available on the individual web pages of the specific committees.

Interim Newsletter
Newsletter published monthly during the interims between sessions that includes, among other things, reports on the activities of legislative interim committees and progress on policy-related studies.

Legislator Publications
Publications related to the legislative process that may be of specific interest to legislators.

Press Releases
Official releases to the news media about activities of the Legislature during interim and session.


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