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Legislative Services Division

Legislative Services Division

The Legislative Services Division (LSD) is an independent, nonpartisan, impartial agency that performs duties and functions for the Montana Legislature as assigned by law or as directed or requested by legislators or legislative committees. The Legislative Services Division works under the general supervision of the Legislative Council

The division also serves as a source of information for the public on legislative matters, in part through:

Executive Director of the division is Susan Byorth Fox.

Staff Directory

To Contact the Division

By Mail:

Legislative Services Division
PO Box 201706
Room 110, State Capitol
1301 East Sixth Avenue
Helena, MT 59620-1706

By Phone: 406-444-3064

By Fax: 406-444-3036

Division Organization

The division has 6 distinct offices: Central Services, Research and Policy Analysis, Legal Services, Legislative Information Technology, Communications, and Environmental Policy. 

The Central Services Office provides:

  • Financial management;
  • Payroll;
  • Purchasing;
  • Personnel management;
  • Procession and final preparation of LSD documents (including engrossing and enrolling of bills and preparation of introduced bills);
  • Legislator information and telecommunications.

The Communications Office provides:

  • Reception and general information to legislators and the public;
  • Publication distribution;
  • Legislator information and telecommunications;
  • Oversight of the broadcasting of legislative functions;
  • Reference services through the Legislative Reference Center.

The Office of Research and Policy Analysis and Legal Services Office provide:

  • General and specialized research, reference, and information functions;
  • Staff support to session and interim committees;
  • Bill drafting;
  • Research reports;
  • Information on the Legislature to the public. 

The Office of Research and Policy Analysis also provides:

  • Primary staff support for interim legislative committees;
  • Project management and research for interim studies;

The Legal Services Office also provides:

  • Is responsible for the production of the Montana Code Annotated and the Annotations, which includes updating, editing, and indexing under the supervision of the Code Commissioner and the Director of Legal Services;
  • Reviews administrative rules;
  • Reviews proposed ballot issues for clarity, consistency, and conformity with the Bill Drafting Manual and for other legal requirements, and, if necessary, makes recommendations for revisions;
  • Legal review on all proposed legislation;
  • Issues legal opinions at the request of legislators and legislative committees;
  • Legal staff support for legislative interim and administrative committees;
  • Editing services for legislative staff.

The Office of Legislative Information Technology provides:

  • Computer network and IT support;
  • System analysis;
  • Programming;
  • Development and maintenance of programs and applications used by the Legislative Branch.

The Environmental Policy Office provides:

  • Impartial, nonpartisan environmental and natural-resource information to the Environmental Quality Council, the Legislature, and the public.
  • Research and written reports on environmental and natural-resource topics.
  • Bill drafting
  • Staff services for studies assigned by the Legislature.
  • Review of draft legislation for the Montana Departments of Environmental Quality, Natural Resources and Conservation, and Fish, Wildlife, and Parks.
  • Staff services to several committees during the legislative session.


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