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2009 Regular Session

Convened January 5, adjourned sine die April 28.

A database (Legislative Automated Workflow System) containing status and text of bills, votes, journals, minutes, hearing and floor schedules and agendas, etc.

Bills that Became Law
Bills introduced during the 2009 session that passed both chambers of the Legislature and become law on their effective dates.

Committee and Floor Sessions Audio Archives
Audio archives of House and Senate floor sessions. Audio minutes of House, Senate, Joint, and Conference committees and subcommittees.

House and Senate committees that meet during sessions are called standing committees. There are also 6 Joint subcommittees, which include members from both the House Appropriations Committee and the Senate Finance and Claims Committee. These subcommittees meet to consider issues related to state spending.

Contact Legislators
How to reach legislators by mail, phone, or using an online message form.

List of officers selected by party caucuses to lead the House and Senate. Senate president and president pro tempore, as well as speaker of the House and speaker pro tempore, must be confirmed by a vote of their respective chambers after they convene January 5, 2009.

Roster of all 150 members of the 61st Legislature.

Term-limited Legislators
Members of the 61st Legislature who will not be able to return to their current office during the 2011 session because of term limits.

Session Calendar
The projected calendar of legislative working days and deadlines for bill introduction and transmittal, as approved by legislative leaders.

Bill Drafting Information

Bill Drafting Manual - 2008

Bill Drafting Macros and Templates: Used to format bills, insert standard language, and retrieve MCA sections. All WordPerfect macros require use of the MCA on CD-ROM as the source of MCA sections and internal references. Word templates are available that use either the MCA on CD-ROM or the Internet. The CD-ROM version is faster and the Internet version requires a connection to the Internet. State agencies may also use the MCA on CD-ROM that is on the VAS.
Microsoft Word: A Microsoft document that may be opened from the Internet or downloaded. The Word template must be reloaded for the 2009 session. The old bill drafting template must be removed from your MS Word before installing the updated version. Read the Installation Instructions before installing and running.

WordPerfect: There is no Internet version of the WordPerfect bill drafting macros - the MCA on CD-ROM is required. WordPerfect 6 and 8 macros are on the MCA on CD-ROM. WordPerfect 9 and 10 macros are downloadable in zipped format. Usage and installation instructions are available separately and in the zipped file.

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