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2013 Regular Session

The 63rd session of the Montana Legislature adjourned, sine die, April 24th, 2013.

A database (Legislative Automated Workflow System) containing bill draft requests, status and text of bills, votes, journals, minutes, hearing and floor schedules, and agendas.

Session Calendar
The 2013 session calendar was revised by leadership on January 11 and the adoption of the joint rules on January 18. Please note that legislative leadership holds the authority to further revise the schedule, including the days the Legislature meets and the proposed breaks.

Legislator Information

Proposed Amendments for HB2

Media Registration Form

Bill Drafting - Information related to drafting bills, including the latest manual, macros, and templates.

Legislative Rules

Committee Assignments

Committee Minutes
Minutes are available in the same location as the audio and video archives. They can be viewed, printed, and downloaded from the document viewer on the right side of any audio/video player window.

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