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Facts and Statistics

A list of chief presiding officers of the Senate and House, including party affiliation and county of residence, from statehood in 1889 to the present.

Party Control
Breakdown of political parties represented in the Montana Legislature for every session since statehood in 1889.

Bill Statistics
A comparison of the number of bill drafts requested by legislators at the outset of each regular session compared to the number of bills actually introduced and the number passed by both chambers, signed by the governor, and adopted into state law.

Special Sessions
Subject and dates of all special sessions of the Montana Legislature since statehood in 1889, including who issued the session call.

Women Legislators
Numbers and percentages of female legislators serving in each session, from 1971 to the present.

American Indian Legislators
Numbers and percentages of American Indian legislators serving in each session, from 1989 to present.

Session Demographics
A look at makeup of the Legislature by gender, age, political affiliation, occupation, education, race, and veteran status.


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